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    Season 2 deleted Scene.


    horse is my favourite companion


    Reblogging for him reciting companion rules to a horse.

    I wish this wasn’t deleted lol it is perf


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    This is an amazing book

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    Doctor Who Theme (Series 8)
    Murray Gold
    Uploaded by DoctorWhoInfinity

    I am dead fond of the new theme. The opening da-da-da-dum reminds me very much of the arrangement used for Light at the End, and I like that the dooweeoo’s are a little more electronic sounding, slightly dissonant in a way that reminds me rather of Six’s theme.

    I don’t think I got to appreciate this properly when I watched the episode, so thank you for posting it!

    Personally, I don’t like it at all. It sounds weak. The powerful central theme is lost under high-pitched, wibbly retro electronica. I don’t think any of the themes have improved on the majestic version introduced when the series first returned in 2005.

    I am rather fond of the new titles though. I wish they were a little simpler, but I was certainly bored of the whole time-vortex thing by now.

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    "There’s a cure?!" asked the girl that kills everything she touches
    "Hey shut up we’re perf" replied the girl that makes clouds. 

    For real though. Storm has stopped an entire tsunami before. “Makes clouds my ass” she can conjure lightning and tornadoes and is revered as a god in her tribe. She literally changes atmospheric pressure and that’s how she flies. So fuck you. Storm is flawless.

    I think you missed the part where the GIRL WHO KILLS EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES wants to NOT KILL EVERYTHING SHE TOUCHES and everyone dismisses her incredible misfortune just because the lady who is the AVATAR OF THE STORM won the fucking SUPERPOWER LOTTERY

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    This baby is you.

    This baby is all of us. 

    (This baby is now 23 years old.)

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  7. The best of Jedi right here.

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    3 different Lucy Lawless 

    I’ll take them all. Please.

    this woman is a goddess

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    I really love how Stjepan Sejic draws Wonder Woman

    (more here)

    This will forever be my headcanon for Diana: built like a brick shithouse and still heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

    Perfect! (And that second panel is hilarious too.)

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know how i know there’s no justice in the world? my friend Matthew took this photo and he’s never seen an episode of GoT.


    know how i know there’s no justice in the world? my friend Matthew took this photo and he’s never seen an episode of GoT.

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  11. The Child - 2.01


    This is the one where Troi gets pregnant. How? Well, when a tiny beam of sperm-shaped light and a woman love each other very, very much:


    "Dat ass" - this lightsperm

    …the lightsperm travels into any nearby spaceship and impregnates a half-human, half-Betazoid woman…somehow. It’s never made THAT clear how this works. And you know why?


    "Special" my ass

    Because this is the new ship’s doctor!!! Uggggghhhhh.


    I’m Feather Mullet and I’m here to say / I’m super stupid in a stupid way

    Read More

    Reblogged mostly to point out how the letters on the daycare set are in the font for the original Star Trek series…

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    From CNet:

    While fans wait patiently for the "Doctor Who" season 8 premiere of "Deep Breath" on August 23 on BBC America in the US and BBC One in the UK, they should take a gander at this delightful animated tribute to the Doctor.

    Dublin-born, Seattle-based animator Stephen Byrne created this whimsical homage to the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, and his companion Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, in a fake trailer for "The Animated Adventures Of Doctor Who."

    Byrne told Crave, “The inspiration was ‘Doctor Who’ and the Disney cartoon show ‘Gravity Falls.’ I’m surprised that given how big ‘Doctor Who’ is now that the BBC haven’t produced an animated version of the show aimed more precisely at the younger viewers, but still accessible to the older audience. ‘Gravity Falls’ is the best example out there of a kid’s cartoon that crosses the generational gap. I could see a ‘Doctor Who’ animated series working with that sort of treatment and humor. It’s something I want to see get made, so I made my quick version of it.”

    The trailer not only stars the Doctor and Clara, but a wide array of other beloved characters like K-9, an Adipose, Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, the Silence, and a dinosaur, as well as portraits of all the previous Doctors — and of course, the Tardis.


    With such a vast array of creatures and characters from “Doctor Who” to choose from, Byrne decided who to feature based on how fast he could animate the quickest.

    "Honestly, and this is terrible, but the decision making process went like this — ‘What can I do really quickly? What can I get a kick out of, without having to spend days on it?’ Handles is a good example of that," Byrne told Crave.

    "I thought of doing a Cyberman, which would have involved building a full character and doing a more complex walk cycle. Then I remembered Handles, and so I just drew the head and had it bounce along the ground. Much simpler, but still effective. Same with K-9 and the Adipose. I made the whole thing in two weekends and a few evenings really, so it was about seeing what degree of quality I could get by working fast."

    Of all the characters in the trailer, the Doctor was Byrne’s favorite to animate. “He does the slightly more elaborate stuff and so was more rewarding when I figured it out. When I remembered how to do a run cycle.”

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    Jake Shapes

    jake just doesnt give a fuck

    I’m honestly disturbed by some of Jake’s shape-shifting 

    He’s riding a freaking bike that’s made out of his body lol

    The second to last one totally gets me!

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    "Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

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